The Swinging Cats

Toby Lyons Keyboards
John Shipley Guitar
Jane Bayley Vocals
Paul Heskett Sax
Billy Gough Drums
Chris Long Percussion
Steve Vaughan Guitar

The line-up seemed to change every week, so the above is a list of some of those who were at one time in the band, there was also Val, a singer who was going out with Jerry Dammers at one point.

The Swinging Cats were another Coventry outfit, formed at the end of 1979 and after they replaced Holly & The Italians on The Selecter's March 1980 tour, 2 Tone offered them a single. The release 'Mantovani/Away' CHS TT14, sank without trace despite the first 20,000 copies being sold at the giveaway price of 50p.

Paul Heskett later toured with The Specials and played Sax on 'Sock It To 'Em J.B' & 'Braggin' And Tryin' Not To Lie' on the More Specials album and Flute on Ghost Town.

Rex Brough writes...
"Years before Mike Flowers and the "loungecore" movement, this was a sort of "easy listening" ska band that recorded for 2 Tone. I remember them winning a competition at the Lanch, and being so much better than anyone else. John Shipley joined the Special AKA, Toby Lyons joined Colourfield, and Jane Bayley became Jane Bom-Bane 'Queen of the Funky Harmonium' performing at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals. Her website is here."