Bad Manners

Buster Bloodvessel     Vocals
Louis Cook Guitar
Dave Farren Bass
Paul Hyman Trumpet
Chris Kane Tenor Sax
Andrew Marson Alto Sax
Alan Sayag Harmonica, Vocals
Martin Stewart Keyboards
Brian Tuitt Drums

Second only to Madness in the highest number of weeks in the charts in 1980 (45), Bad Manners signed to Magnet Records and were for a time successfully treading the thin line between bubblegum pop and skinhead adulation. Later critisised for not progressing musically, nevertheless in Hyman, Kane & Marson, they could always boast one of the most competent Horn Sections of any of their contemporaries.

The band often played on the same bill as the other 2 Tone bands, and finally appeared on the label by way of their inclusion on the Dance Craze Film.

Always considered primarily a novelty act, most 2 Tone fans would have Bad Manners first couple of LP's, and while they certainly didn't take themselves too seriously, on a closer listen they managed some deft touches musically and these records form an important part of the movement and it's success.