The Higsons

Charlie Higson Lead Vocals, Harmonica,
Terry Edwards Guitar, Trumpet, Sax,
Piano, Vocals
Simon Charterton Drums, Vocals
Dave Cummings *     Guitar, Vocals
Colin Williams Bass, Vocals
Stuart McGeachin Guitar, Vocals

* Dave moved to London shortly after the band formed and was replaced by Stuart McGeachin who played on most of the records.

Founded "some time in 1980" at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, THE HIGSONS first recording was on the "Norwich - A Fine City" compilation album. Legend has it that John Peel was so amazed that anyone in the Norwich area was making music he invited the band in for a session.

The first single, "I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys" was released in 1981. According to Charlie Higson, "We were often accused of trying to be the English Talking Heads, which we always strenuously denied, but let's face it, that's what we were trying to be." The band's blend of high energy funk and groove brought them some chart success.

The Higsons folded "some time in 1986". Charlie Higson found fame as a comedy writer and actor in "The Fast Show", Terry Edwards now fronts his own band and is a prolific session player, Simon Charterton is in Camden based "The Aftershave". Stuart McGeachin and Colin Williams have now got proper jobs.

Higsons Discography


I Don't Want to Live With Monkeys - Single on Romans in Britain label. Cat. No. HIG2
Got to Let This Heat Out - Single on Waap Records. Cat. No. WAAP1 / 12WAAP1
Conspiracy - Single on Waap Records. Cat. No. WAAP2
Push Out the Boat - Single on Waap Recorrds. Cat. No. WAAP4
Lost and Lonely - Single on Waap Recorrds. . Cat. No. WAAP5
Run Me Down - Single on 2 Tone. Cat. No. CHSTT24
Tear the Whole Thing Down - Single on 2 Tone. Cat. No. CHSTT21
Music to Watch Boys By - Single on Upright Records. Cat. No. UP9
Take It - Single on R4. Cat. No. FOR2

It's a Wonderful Life


The Curse of The Higsons
Attack of the Cannibal Zombie Businessmen
It's a Wonderful Life (BBC sessions)


A 45-minute video of the Higsons, playing at the Jacquard Club in 1982-02, is available from MEI.

Most of the above info was nicked from the links below, including the fact that there is a song by Robyn Hitchcock called 'Listening to the Higsons', available on the albums 'Gotta Let This Hen Out' and 'Invisible Hitchcock'.


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